We Just Started Moving in

It has taken a lot of paper work and we had to figure out a bunch of stuff that we did not know, but we finally have a tiny little house. It sits on about one fifth of an acre across Walker Avenue from a Baptist church and obviously there is not a lot of space. However it is just Jenna and I, so that is almost perfect. The room upstairs is really tight, since it is basically an attic with the roof above rather than a ceiling. Right now we are looking at sites like https://www.my-furniture.com/chairs/dining/ and looking at dining room chairs, which seems to be the thing that we need most. We got a good deal on a used table, which in fact would be enormous if we stretched it all of the way out. It is almost circular now. We certainly do not need a longer table, but it is really gorgeous. I think that the wood is chestnut and it is really dark and lovely, but we have not been able to find chairs which match it to this point.

At any rate I have been really excited about the prospects going forward. At any rate we know that the monthly mortgage payment is going to be about two fifths as much as our rent would have been if we had gone to an apartment. We really got lucky to be honest, since it is not really easy to find a house that is as perfect as this one is for us. The cost was so low that we could afford to find the down payment. We did have to borrow a little of it from relatives, but now we are going to be able to save a great deal of money on our monthly bills.

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