5 Impressive Ideas For Decorating Scandi Living Room

What is the true spirit of Scandinavian aesthetic? Well, while there are many distinct elements it offers from the point of view of design, absence of clutter and simplicity holds the real draw for scandinavian home interior.  If you look at the interior of a tastefully designed Scandinavian home, you are bound to consider it organized and comforting for the senses.

Scandinavian interior design almost became a popular niche thanks to its distinct look and feel and sumptuous beauty. With equal focus on minimalist approach, simplicity, elegance and aesthetics that pleases the senses, Scandinavian furniture and furnishings literally swept the world with its standout beauty. But obviously, by putting together various disjointed materials styled with the Scandinavian influence you just cannot achieve the elegance and charm you want. It needs a balancing act and that is why we are here to introduce a few impressive ideas for decorating Scandi living room.

1.    It’s Time To Light Up Differently!

We all know the trying times Nordic people need to pass through during the long winter months. The scarcity of daylights in the winter season make them crave for more sources of lights when they design interior. This is why lighting is so important a part of their living room decoration. Just the way straight lines dominate their interior design Scandinavian living rooms go much better with sleek and elegant pendant lights or straightforward wall scones or iconic Danish Design pendant lamp.

2. Clean Lines Should Dominate

When it comes to furniture, clean lines should dominate in all the furniture pieces including sofas, tables, and chairs embrace. Sofas with wooden legs, chairs with sleek straight legs and tables with straight legs and slim round cornered tops just make the ideal material for a perfectly designed Scandinavian living space. Wall shelves with multiple levels and slim built are also popular pieces for living room.

3. Design The Fireplace As Inconspicuous

In many European homes you are bound to see the fireplace in the most eye catchy central spot of the living room. You just face an opposite situation in Nordic homes. They prefer to place the fireplace rather in a corner of the living space with little to draw any attention. Moreover, these fireplaces are designed simply and elegantly without much attractive elements.

4. Oak Is A Natural Choice For Furniture

Modern oak furniture with their natural timber color and texture has a special pride of place in Scandinavian tradition. Just because they are more nature lovers and like to introduce natural elements indoor they prefer natural hues of oak in their wooden furniture. Though all types of wood including pine, oak and ash are equally preferred for flooring and furniture, the soft smooth and light colored oak just stands out as marvelous element for interior. Moreover, oak is also great to increase and amplify the natural light in any living space.

5. Creative Use Of Colors

Nordic and Scandinavian interior typically holds a minimalist charm. But that does not make their living space look drab and dull in colors. You can easily spice up the living space with creative use of colours and assortments of coloured elements. By using geometric patterns in cushions or just by using some abstract designs scantily in one area of the living room you can accentuate the playfulness and vibrant feel of the interior.

6. Neutral Colors In Floor

Scandinavian typically shuns from wall to wall carpets or mattresses. Most of the times there is use of hard wood flooring with neutral or rich wood finish. Actually neutral coloured flooring gives Nordic and Scandinavian living rooms the kind of simplicity and elegance it is widely known of. As neutral color white works the best though sometimes you can introduce pint of color here and there on the floor tiles to spice up things a little.

7. A Fusion Of Styles Is Not A Bad Idea

You have the scope of fusing other elements with Nordic simplicity.  With traditional Scandinavian look you can easily combine other styles harmoniously to give a unique flavour and charm. For instance, by introducing vintage and rustic display cabinets in an otherwise plush living living space you bring a tint of natural influence.