Maintaining Outdoor Patio Furniture

Outdoor patio furniture can be difficult to maintain due to exposure to the elements as well as fading caused by ultraviolet rays. If you are trying to find ways to maintain your outdoor patio furniture, you have come to the right place. Here are a few tips from The Foam Factory that you can use to care for your patio furniture and maximize its lifespan outside your home.

  1. Replace Seat Cushions

If you have an outdoor chair or couch, sofa foam replacement is a must over time. You can purchase this at your local hardware store or online. Once you have received it, simply unzip the cover around the old cushion and replace it with the new one!

  1. Clean It Frequently

Just like any other piece of furniture in your home, your patio furniture needs to be cleaned. However, it will need to be cleaned more often, approximately every other week. For hard surfaces, wash with warm, soapy water and then rinse clean. Sofa seat cushions and other fabric materials can be easily cleaned with an upholstery cleaner.

  1. Prevent Rust

Rust can take a beautiful patio furniture set and make it look old and ugly very quickly. Rust is easily preventable with a small amount of paste wax. Simply apply it to your furniture after you buy it, and then after each cleaning. This wax can be found at your local hardware store.

From regular cleanings to seat foam replacement, you can keep your furniture looking great for years to come. Keeping your outdoor patio furniture in great condition has never been easier!…

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Effective Mosquito Defensive Strategies

After rainstorms impact an area, most homeowners don’t worry about mosquitoes. However, because the treat level rises once heavy rain soaks a property, all homeowners must have strategies for preventing and eliminating infestations. The big benefit is that local weather forecasts can help you determine whether or not the climate conditions could attract mosquitoes in your neighborhood. In order to take advantage of the information that’s shared during a forecast, you must fully understand how mosquitoes behave so that proper procedures can be implemented to avoid harsh bug bites.

Why Mosquitoes Invade Areas After a Rainstorm

When enough rain soaks the environment around a property, swarms of bugs will build nests in order to survive. Mosquitoes are unique because most species will continue to hoover near water until the cold weather arrives.

Because mosquitoes need a lot of water that can last throughout the rainy season, they usually invade spots on land where rain can’t evaporate with ease. In most neighborhoods, the most common spots that attract mosquitoes are:

-Trenches near uprooted trees

-Areas that have soil erosion

-Gaps generated by tires

Depending on the climate and weather patterns, the rainwater could dry up before mosquitoes have a chance to build a nest. However, if heavy rain generates enough water that’s over an inch high, the problems areas should be examined regularly. The goal is to develop a routine so that pockets of water won’t rest in spots where mosquitoes may roam.

How to Prevent Major Infestations

Many objects can hold water on a property, and a few of the most challenging hazards are tough to pinpoint and eliminate on typical landscapes. Homeowners usually don’t empty water that builds up:

-In buckets

-In landscaping supplies

-On tarps

-Around yard decorations

Water can also rest above a home in the gutters; this problem happens when debris clogs the draining mechanism. Mosquitoes that hoover over gutters usually access a home by flying through crevices; however, you can keep the bugs out of your house by removing debris whenever wind impacts your area. Besides strong wind, the heavy rain that generates during storms may also attract mosquitoes. If plants and trees aren’t firmed rooted in the soil, the wind could create a trench around these items. After this happens, rainwater will slowly fill the gaps until the storm travels out of the area. Many homeowners resolve this problem by treating stagnant water to prevent mosquitoes.…

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Checking for Outdoor Mold

Outdoor mold is a normal occurrence in areas with lots of rainfall and high humidity. However, mold can pop up anywhere there is excessive moisture on common outdoor surfaces such as seat backs on patio furniture. Once mold starts on one area, it can spread to almost any surface so it is important to contain and eliminate mold as soon as you spot it.

What is Mold

Mold and mildew are microscopic organisms that produce an enzyme that break down and digest organic matter in and around your home. There are fast growing fungi which reproduce through spores. These airborne spores are the cause of serious respiratory problems in people. There are thousands of different types of mold, but they all need moisture to grow says The Foam Factory.

What To Do If You See Mold

If you spot mold on a surface such as a chair cushion, the first step is to contain and eliminate it. Always wear gloves and a mask when treating mold. Treat mold on outdoor surfaces with a combination of 3/4 cup bleach to 1 gallon of water, and let it dry in the sun. The most important thing is to address the moisture problem so that the mold doesn’t come back.

While mold is a necessary part of our ecosystem, it doesn’t have to be a necessary part of your patio cushion. Be aware of the areas where mold is likely to form and minimize the conditions that…

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Achieving Effective Mosquito Control

If you are concerned about the presence of insects like mosquitoes and ticks ruining your outdoor activities, you should join the many satisfied Mosquito Squad customers who have used the service to stop the irritations that these creatures can cause. Using a service like this can also bring peace of mind when you take into consideration all the health concerns related to mosquitoes that have gotten so much attention recently. There are a number of methods that can be employed to keep these pests from invading your property.

Barrier Protection

With barrier protection, products can be applied around the perimeter of your property to keep mosquitoes at bay. The products that are used will kill mosquitoes on contact and enable you to continue your time in the back yard without being chased inside by these uninvited guests. For maximum protection the repellant should be reapplied every 21 days.

All-Natural Protection

If you are concerned about the use of synthetic chemicals around your property, you can always opt for products that are all-natural. Consisting of essential oils, the product is sprayed in areas that are known to attract mosquitoes and other insects. The product will initially eliminate the mosquitoes on contact and continue as a repellent for up to 14 days. Because it is made from all-natural constituents, it breaks down more rapidly than the synthetic materials. However, it may be a better alternative for you, especially if you have allergies or are concerned about exposing small children to synthetic chemicals.

Automatic Misting Systems

If you are in an area where mosquitoes are especially troublesome, you may want to consider the installation of an automatic misting system. This is a valid way of getting continuous protection. These systems work by emitting a 30 second spray two to four times daily. With such a system, you don’t have to worry about your protection being compromised as the repellant starts to break down. There will always be a fresh supply of repellant, so material break down will not become an issue.

Special Events Spraying

If you are having a special outdoor event on your property, such as a family reunion or a wedding, the last thing you want is for your guests to be fighting off mosquitoes. You can schedule a spraying to take place just prior to your event and remove that concern. During these times, you have enough on your mind without having to be concerned about insect infestation.

To give you the peace of mind that you are free from exposure to the health hazards associated with mosquitoes, you can become one of the satisfied Mosquito Squad customers who have enhanced the quality of their outdoor activities. You might want to inquire about other available elements of their mosquito protection program.…

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Dirty Decks and Patios Provide a Health Hazard to Families

Planning for an upcoming event or future house guests is motivation to get your home in order. As clean as you keep the interior of your house, the exterior is usually another story. You have a life. The kids have school and extracurricular activities. You have a job, the laundry doesn’t wash, dry, or fold itself, and all the people in your home have to eat dinner on a regular basis, and none of that leaves much time for exterior housecleaning. Fortunately, your patio, deck, and pool surface do get a good cleaning before every major event you host at home. The Renew Crew of Northwest Arkansas recommends keeping your patios and decks cleaner more often, however. It turns out, there are some serious downfalls to leaving the mess that accrues until the next time you host an event.

It’s Unsightly

The biggest reason to keep your patio and deck clean all the time is the aesthetic appeal it lends to you home. No one wants to sit on the deck with their coffee in the morning staring at mildew and stains. It’s not pretty, and it’s enough to you in a foul mood thinking of yet another thing to add to your to-do list before the year is over. Keep it clean, and this type of problem becomes a non-problem.

Potential Buyers Won’t be Impressed

If your home is on the market, buyers aren’t going to see anything they like if the deck or patio is a mess. The biggest issue here is it detracts from the curb appeal of your home. Simple upkeep like this should be higher on your list of priorities, and it might make a buyer assume your inability to handle the little things might lead to an inability to care for the more major issues at home.

It’s Dangerous

Perhaps the biggest issue is the danger of what might happen if your patio or deck is covered in mildew or mold. With each rain, it becomes thicker and slicker, and it can pose a health hazard to anyone who accidentally steps on it. If someone slips and falls on your moldy or mildew-covered patio, it could end up being a lawsuit for you. Keeping these surfaces clean is the best case scenario for everyone involved.

Clean decks and patios are more visually appealing than dirty ones, and that’s what makes hiring a professional cleaning company a wise investment. Your home’s visual appeal and safety are both affected by your clean surfaces. Keep your family and friends safe when they’re on the patio and deck, and make it a priority to keep your surfaces clean more often.…

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Important Rules When Decontaminating Mouse Tainted Areas

In the movies, mice are cute little critters. Some people even keep them as pets. But undomesticated mice need to be removed from your home, and professional exterminators can do this job for you quickly and easily. But once your unwelcome visitors are gone, you still need to decontaminate the area. Without proper decontamination, germs that can spread many dangerous diseases may be left behind.


So before you start the decontamination process, here are some firm rules you need to follow:

  1. Always wear gloves. Don’t even think of cleaning up with your bare hands. Mice and other rodents tend to urinate a lot and they carry germs. Also, the mice can walk through these urine-saturated areas and track the urine everywhere else. So wear proper latex, rubber, or vinyl gloves throughout the cleaning process. You should also spray the gloves periodically, so you don’t contaminate other areas. You may want to do this before you touch cabinet pulls and doorknobs.
  2. Never use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the mess. Don’t use a broom or a duster either. You may succeed in scooping off the mess, but you’ll just be releasing microscopic germs in the air instead.
  3. Saturate the area with a disinfectant mixture. Spray the disinfectant on the droppings, nests and other areas where the mice may have stayed. You need a disinfectant that kills pathogens on contact. You can use a commercial disinfectant, but make sure you follow the label instructions. You can use a 10% bleach solution too. Just spray the areas thoroughly, and leave the disinfectant in for 5 to 10 minutes.
  4. Clean your cabinets and countertops too. Don’t limit your decontamination to just the places where the mice obviously lingered. So clean your cabinets and your countertops to be in the safe side. Look behind and under your furniture and your appliances as well.
  5. Scoop up the debris with thick paper towels. Put them in a double bag, and tie the bag tightly. Then place the bags with the rodent mess outdoors for pickup right after you’ve finished decontaminating.
  6. Mop the floors. You should use a disposable mop head, paper towel and sponges you can throw away later. Use lots of disinfectant and wet areas thoroughly.
  7. Decontaminate the carpets. You need to make sure that your area rugs, carpets, and upholstery are also decontaminated. You will need to use shampoo, or you can steam clean them.
  8. Removing the gloves. You need to first disinfect your gloves before you remove them. That means spraying it with the disinfectant and leaving it on for at least 5 minutes.
  9. Washing your hands. Then you need to wash your hands vigorously with soap and water for several minutes. Make sure to lather up nicely.
  10. Change your clothes. Put your dirty clothes in the laundry and use hot water when washing them.

Of course, you can always let a pro do this task for you so you don’t need to bother with all these steps!…

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Monthly Clean Home Challenge

We at Dream House Cleaning perceive your must dwell in a professionally cleaned home alongwith financial constraints. We can not assure a completion time as a result of many elements, like situation of the home, Host necessities, delayed visitor departure, will significantly influence the timing of services. If I may clean once in a number of months I’d be happier… (cleansing up clutter is fine, however precise cleansing is gross). No. You don’t need to offer supplies until you like the Host Services Associates to use specific merchandise (please note this when reserving). Homemade Deodorizer and General Purpose Cleaner – Blend 2 tablespoons vinegar or lemon juice, 1 teaspoon borax, and 2 cup scorching water.

Of the assorted industrial home cleansing merchandise, drain cleaners, bathroom bowl cleaners and oven cleaners are essentially the most poisonous. As a normal rule, those that supply full household companies for underneath $100 will often not cover the entire duct work in your home. Using the latest high power carpet and fabric cleaning equipment and safe eco-pleasant cleaning solutions, our professional companies have been developed over many years to realize the easiest results possible for every particular person merchandise we work on.

Paper towels are more effective than cloths as a result of they take up the vinegar somewhat than allowing it to run off which regularly wastes the vinegar. One different thing to resolve earlier than you begin looking up home cleansing clients, is to find out if you need loads of jobs or only a few. While my cleansing products are working in the loos, I begin on cobwebs and mud on the ceilings, in the corners and door jams, working methodically round each room.

Since we began in 2006, we have shared our cleaning ideas, methods and the way-to’s by creating academic movies on YouTube and our web site, These movies cowl all issues cleaning, and feature our company founder and cleansing guru Melissa Maker in motion. Use the paper towel soaked with vinegar to wipe on the surface of the item where limescale has constructed up. If this can be a shower, you will only have to wipe gently in round motions earlier than the limescale dissolves. General Scoop litter box twice a day or extra; scrub with baking soda and vinegar weekly.…

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Cleaning With Baking Soda And Vinegar

Hanging in our home workplace is an old oil painting painted by my great grandmother about a hundred years in the past of flowers and leaves painted on 3mm opaque white glass and framed in an ornamental gold painted frame. Indepth Managed Services has this month confirmed that global engineering and design consultancy Arup, has awarded them the contract to supply cleansing companies for 9 Arup places of work throughout the nation. When you’re employed with a Cooperative Cleaning Host Services Associate, you’re supporting high quality employment in your neighborhood. Make certain you rinse the ground very nicely to do away with any baking soda and remove all of the vinegar. So, for those following along, if you are something like me and do not give your range frequent cleansing consideration, it’s possible you’ll need to give yourself a few extra minutes, or even hours.

We also have hard water, so through the use of distilled I am stopping further construct-up within my cleansing bottles. Standard services embrace every thing from vacuuming to cobweb removal, whereas our detail cleansing goes even further and consists of baseboard cleaning and windowsill dusting. It consists of vinegar and baking soda, which will react to form the salts of the respective compounds, plus water. Your bed room needs to be a retreat, which is why we meticulously clear your ceiling fans, vacuum the flooring, remove cobwebs, and carry out different standard cleaning services – each time.

Our employees are supplied with intensive coaching concerning how to use our specialized cleansing gear and products properly. The material softener is a mix of distilled white vinegar and some drops lavender important oil per cup. When we had 12 individuals residing here cleansing only stopped when everyone was sleeping. We’re completely happy to do laundry inside your unit at no additional cost as long as the cycle time of the washer and dryer falls inside our normal cleaning instances. Even most of the ingredients for the home made cleaning merchandise could be discovered there.

By leaving the Deep Cleaning or Spring Cleaning to knowledgeable, you possibly can enjoy more time for your self instead of spending hours attempting to complete your Spring Cleaning over valuable weekend time. For instance, if i’ve $a hundred, i’d fairly spend it on a zoo pass than a years price of pricey cleaning products. Add about 1/four to 1/3 cup of distilled white vinegar to your washer’s cloth softener dispenser.

To start the cleaning course of take the bottle of vinegar and soak a paper kitchen towel with the liquid. Put in your rubber gloves, spray from the outside edge of the stain towards the center, working the vinegar resolution into the carpet fibers with your fingers or a clear, lint-free cloth, in direction of the center of the stain. Once that is recognized then it is simple to decide on a way that is proper for the current cleaning job. You may make a paste of 1 tablespoon of baking soda combined with three-4 drops of vinegar as a substitute. How to make use of: Dampen a sponge with vinegar or lemon juice, then sprinkle on salt.…

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Homemade Orange Peel White Vinegar Coop Cleaner

I’ve by no means been a fan of the mop and bucket affair, and after we determined to place Pergo-laminated flooring in our house, I was frightened in regards to the prospect of wringing that mop and having to purchase some special proprietary blend of cleaning product for such. I’m always looking at various cleaning products as a result of I even have asthma and the largest trigger is cleaning chemicals! I use use 1 half vinegar in 2 parts very popular water, to run by my coffee machine on the de-scale setting. As a safer cleaning different, warm water and soap usually will do the trick, especially at residence. For example, funds, ease of installation, pets or no pets, youngsters or no kids, durability, effort and time into cleaning it, doable resale worth, allergy symptoms, and many others. The ear cleaner that I bought from the veterinarian has expired so I’ll try the water and vinegar.

Our extremely trained Host Services Associates enable you to put together your home on your friends, from making sure your home is spotless, to making positive it is stocked with items like paper towels and toilet paper. Did your pin say to heat up the vinegar before mixing within the dawn, a number of the pins don’t say that and the cleaner works even better when heated earlier than spraying.

Should this go outside of the traditional cleaning time in your sized dwelling, we would invoice at a ½ hour rate of $20. It you cannot clean instantly then it is a good idea to reheat the grate with the lid down for a couple of minutes before cleaning it. With most arduous floor mops, you may management the amount of moisture that you are putting on the ground, which is very important when cleansing laminate floors. This retains mildew and soap scum from building up so simply, which means the cleaning service will spend much less time sanitizing your toilet.

Our Host Services Associates use merchandise equipped by Cooperative Cleaning at no further price to our purchasers (this consists of all cleaning merchandise and vacuum). I wash my cast iron cookware in warm soapy water, dry it totally with paper towels and give it a light coating of Crisco after each use. If you make your personal cleaning products, you realize exactly what you might be using, and whether or not or not it is secure to make use of.

Our companies guarantee you’ve got extra time with your family members and may deal with the elements of your lifestyle which might be more vital to you than cleaning. One-time cleansing clients are also generally around the preliminary cleaning range relying on what they want finished. If you use your Keurig often, this tray will likely include standing liquid and mildew.…

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How To Clean A Glass Tobacco Or Water Pipe

Advantage no 1 – Ownership Owning a pool service enterprise signifies that there might be no lack of alternative or customers. More visits typically will decrease the cost per go to by $5.00 or $10.00. On a first-time go to, a cleaning service could charge by the sq. foot. It will also be used for cleansing healed piercings or jewelry, aiding vastly in the discount of some piercing-associated smells. The vinegar sounds perfect ( the way in which you defined it makes excellent sense.) I am going to start doing it at present. This one makes use of the same approach as the alcohol bath, with vinegar as an alternative of alcohol.

I use vinegar and water continuously because it’s fast to make and helps our finishes shine, however there are occasions once I desire a soapy cleaner and the Castile soap offers me that whereas chopping grease and grime with ease and smelling superb. Overall, it labored out fairly even, though the husband appeared to benefit from the deep cleansing (ceiling followers, shampooing carpets, and many others) more than the day-to-day stuff. Aquariums which were used to maintain reptiles or by individuals who don’t know that soap and other cleaning merchandise shouldn’t be used to wash aquariums ought to always be resealed. I felt God nudging me to do some home cleaning, or ought to I say, coronary heart cleaning.

I discovered that pure cotton cleaning cloths for laundry dishes or cleaning surfaces labored a lot better than the sponges, which all the time smelled and fell aside too quickly. We also carry out a deep cleaning on a rotating basis, which includes furniture vacuuming, knickknack cleansing, baseboard wiping, and more. From what I even have learn, the tap water comprises minerals that can inhibit cleaning. To clean the entire coffee maker, pour 2 Cups vinegar into the water reservoir of your coffee maker.

The mop itself has an hooked up cleansing answer container, sprays the solution in entrance of its path with a easy press of a button or a lever, and leaves the floor clear and virtually dry after one cross. Last month, European Cleaning Machines Recycling (ECMR) and Diversey Care entered right into a two-year contract to recall and recycle Diversey Care machines. Wallpaper Remover: Mix equal elements of white vinegar and scorching water, apply with sponge over the outdated wallpaper to soften the adhesive.

Sanity arrives with our carpet cleansing professionals, Martins of Exeter educated by the NCCA. White Vinegar – Is a beautiful slightly acidic cleaner ingredient that leave little residue and a nice odor. You first have to ensure the forged iron is completely dry earlier than applying the shortening. The precise average cost of cleansing to your workplace is from $500.00 to $800.00 monthly for a median small office.…

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