6 Signs Your Home Needs Extermination Services

Nobody wants to have pests in their home. If you suspect that your home might be infested with rodents, then it’s time to investigate. Don’t simply dismiss your suspicions as an overreaction. Mice and other parasites carry a number of diseases, some of which can be fatal to humans such as Listeria, Rat Bite Fever, and Hantavirus, to name a few.


In addition, these pests can also take a toll on your home because they destroy just about anything including wood, insulation, wallboards and electrical wiring which can cause house fires. If any of the followings signs of pest infestation can be observed in your home, contact an extermination service as soon as possible:

  1. You see creatures that you don’t normally see inside your home.

This is the strongest indication that you have a pest problem. Uninvited creatures like rats, mice, mosquitoes, termites, cockroaches, flies, and fleas should be eliminated as soon as possible.

  1. You start to hear some strange sounds.

With rodents, you can hear them running all over your home if you listen carefully. They usually hide under floorboards and behind walls so you’ll likely hear gnawing and scratching sounds. Bugs may produce sounds that you can sometimes hear as well.

  1. You notice grease marks and tracks on surfaces.

Rats and mice leave tracks and traces of evidence that they exist in your home because they travel along the same paths all the time.

  1. You see dead bugs inside your home.

Check your window sills and basement for dead bugs. If you notice many dead bugs of the same species, then it means there are a lot of them living in your home.

  1. You often notice an odd smell.

Some pests like cockroaches and rodents emit a certain smell. Rats smell like ammonia, roaches have an oily odor, and mice have a urine smell. Bed bugs, on the other hand, have a sweet and musty odor.

  1. You see droppings inside your home.

Droppings are clearly an indicator of a pest problem and a closer look at the appearance of the droppings will help you figure out what kind of pests are living in your home. Black pellets are from roaches, poppy-seed pellets are usually from termites, while larger dark brown droppings are from rats.

Advantages of Using an Extermination Company

Some people may be tempted to try to get rid of pests on their own. But while you do have the option to do it yourself, there are advantages to hiring a professional exterminator. First of all, a pro will only use pesticides as a last resort and will not use it unnecessarily. They will use tools and devices that can trap or immobilize pests without the use of chemicals.  Secondly, they will take measures to prevent re-infestation to give you peace of mind.…

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Tips to Help You Convert Your Nursery into a Big Kid’s Room

condos-le-peterson-montreal-1024x421Montreal condos usually have  smaller spaces compared to homes in the suburbs. So when your child grows up, you’ll need to renovate your child’s nursery room into a room that’s more suited to his/her age. Here’s a guide to help you with this project.

  1. Talk to your child

Your child is the one who is going to live in the room, so make sure that you talk to him and take note of what he/she wants. The main goal here is for your child to like the new room design, and make them feel that the room is indeed their personal sanctuary.

  1. Think of the future

After finding out what your child wants, think of a neutral ground between what he wants now and what he will possibly want in the future, once he is all grown up. Settle with the design and overall theme that will be easy to transition once they’re grown up. For example, if your child wants a cartoon character theme, it’s probably the best to paint the walls a neutral color that matches the theme of that cartoon character, instead of plastering the character all over the walls, so it’s easy to change in the future once your child changes their mind.

  1. Adhesive decals

Better yet, choose adhesive decals when decorating your child’s walls. These adhere to the walls without damaging the existing paint or  wallpaper, and will not leave behind any residue once it’s time to take them off. You child can also participate in choosing the designs of decals you are going to put on the walls.

  1. New furniture

Simply upgrade your child’s furniture into something more grownup and appropriate for his age. Get him a dresser or maybe some bookshelves.

  1. Leave some space for playing

When decorating and filling your child’s room, you may forget that it’s a child’s bedroom after all, and there should be enough space left for him to play. When there is too much stuff in the room, your child might not be able to appreciate it as much since there is no more room for playing.

  1. It doesn’t have to match the design of the rest of your home.

If you are very hands on with your home’s interior design, you may find it a bit difficult to let go of the idea when decorating your child’s room. You may be horrified at the thought of having to paint the room orange or blue, when you have been maintaining the white, minimalist design of your home. It’s important to realize that your child is growing up, and as he grows older, he is going to make his own decisions that will at times deviate from yours.

It’s really not that hard decorating a “big kid” room. This is especially true when you remember the tips we’ve listed here.…

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7 Budget Upgrades That Can Boost Your Home’s Value

beautiful-condoLast year, we had to sell our home to move closer to the city. We bought a beautiful condo unit in a high rise developed by Louie Santaguida and it’s been really wonderful to finally live close to my workplace. But before we were able to sell our old house, we had to make several budget-friendly upgrades in the hopes that we’d be able to sell it fast and for a good price. Here are the things we did:

  1. Kitchen cabinets

Buying new cabinets was out of the question so what we did was re-paint the ones we had to make them look clean and new. We also changed the old handles because they looked very outdated.

  1. Walls

Every couple of years, walls can really benefit from a fresh lick of paint. Your rooms will look brighter and more modern when you repaint the walls. You don’t have to hire a pro to do this job – you and your family can do it. To paint an entire 3 bedroom home should cost you between $100-$200 and you can get it done in 2-3 days.

  1. Molding

We used crown molding and we were actually very surprised with how easy it was to install. Cutting it was smooth and quick, and you just stick it up where your ceiling and wall meet.

  1. Wooden Fixtures

If you have some old décor made of wood, don’t throw them out or give them away. You can give them a brand new look by simply refinishing them. The same can be said of old wooden doors and furniture. By simply purchasing a few affordable supplies, you can breathe new life to them.


  1. Backsplash

The kitchen is that one area in every home that buyers always consider when making a decision of whether to buy the property or not, and for how much. So naturally, it should be among your main priorities when upgrading your home. Consider replacing your old backsplash with a more modern looking design. There are many materials and styles to choose from, and even if you’re working with a limited budget, you’ll be able to find an option that fits your requirements.

  1. Storage

Adding a few extra shelves in your kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms can really make a big difference.  No space? Consider floating shelves.

  1. Lighting

Try upgrading the lighting in your main rooms and switch to LED lights, particularly in the kitchen and living areas. Not only will it make your space look gorgeous, but it will also make it more energy efficient.

  1. Mirrors

Adding mirrors to your home can instantly create the illusion of space. Mirrors also help bring in more light to your home. If replacing your small windows is not an option due to the high costs, then the next best thing to do is to place mirrors in strategic areas in your home.…

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How to Shop for Home Decor Online on a Small Budget

huntandbowShopping for home decor can get expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Shopping on a budget does not mean you can’t decorate your home beautifully, either. All you have to do is find the right places with the right prices. Luckily, with just a quick search online, you can find stores that offer cheap finds. In addition to that, here are tips for shopping for home decor online when you are on a budget.

  1. Use free sources for ideas

Thanks to the media, it’s now easy to gather ideas for home decor. Grab your magazines, check the internet, or watch interior design programs on TV for ideas on how to decorate your place for cheap. You can also use these sources to get a sense of what you want your home to look like. When you have found your personal style, it will be easier to budget and look for specific pieces that will fit into what you are going for aesthetically.

  1. Determine your budget

Before shopping, set a budget so you have limits and boundaries, and make sure that you don’t go over it. This will also make it easier for you to look for online stores that fit your budget. Hey, that sofa is calling out to you, but how much would you have left in your budget if you spend on it? Maybe there are other stores that offer something similar for a much lower price?

  1. Recycle vases and urns or other small decorative pieces

These little details don’t need to be expensive, or newly purchased. There may be vases or decorative urns that you no longer use and are just hanging around in your attic, why don’t you clean them up and put them up on a table in your living room? A little makeover should completely hide the fact that they were once old and dusty. You save money and you get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Spend your money on statement pieces

If you need to splurge, at least splurge on a decorative piece that will make a huge statement, like a full body mirror that rests against the wall, or an art piece that has that “wow” factor. This will tie the look of the room together, and is more worth it than one piece that will only go on a bookshelf. This is also perfect for getting that minimalist vibe, which never goes wrong.

  1. Look for a good bargain and watch out for sales

There are places that you can go to shop for home decor online that offer lower prices and huge discounts. Watch out for new stores, as they are often holding sales for promotion. There are also a lot of furniture and home decor that are very similar throughout various sites and one could be priced significantly higher than the other. Do not easily give in to the temptation of blowing your budget for one product when there is a chance that you can save money in another place.…

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Interior Design & Decor Articles

Whether you wish to craft the entire decorations, clothes, food and flowers your self with the help of friends and family, or hand over the accountability to someone else to create handmade masterpieces, this lens is bound to offer you some implausible ideas for themes and concepts for making your wedding truly unique! These wedding ceremony incorporate many various kinds of decorations relying on the tastes of the bride and groom. Tuscan decorating outdoors will help set the temper for a romantic dinner for two on the deck, an evening residence alone on the patio, or a backyard celebration within the yard. On this page are decorating ideas for Christmas using white, ivory and cream coloured seashell Christmas ornaments.

They have even been known to navigate from room to room, relying on my explicit adorning plans and wishes. I bought this e-book years and years ago, in all probability before I really even began gathering blue and white ceramics, now that I think of it. This was probably the first interior decor book I owned. Mr. Decor removed the entire drawers and doors on the vanity then sanded every thing down.

Parlor video games, sophistication, and fun are elements of the Las Vegas theme and might be carried out in many ways Decorations depicting card games, cube video games, slot machines, and different on line casino-associated activities make nice centerpieces in your tables. I discovered you whereas trying to find ideas to construct a headboard, please don’t inform my buddies I’m lurking around your site!!! Similar decorating results will be included using end tables or a set of nesting tables.

Using these ideas and some imagination, you’ll discover lots of ways to repurpose your favorite Christmas ornaments and decorations into your on a regular basis house decor! I wrote an entire article about decorating with lanterns and what one of the best traditional accessories are to use in your home. One bargain lampshade, black spray paint, cork sheets and push pins = a bulletin board lampshade good for DIY dorm decor. You can change mats throughout the year so you can change the decorating plan seasonally. It’s arrange actually from A to Z. Discussing decor themes and key pieces right through the alphabet.

And for a lot of the workforce, Brainstorming and Assembly Week at Accent Decor by no means fails to encourage on a private level. You might go away some places to have some new decorative items or furniture accordingly. Decorative cash, charms, small ornaments, popcorn, tiny origami – you may attach virtually anything! There are a number of ideas to attempt so just experiment and you will come up with something beautiful I’m certain! Decorating the inside of a new house or renovate the previous current, is a inventive process. The use of luxurious materials in the interior will have no which means if we don’t use the interior lighting design ideas that may accentuate them.…

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Rebely Decor

My household and I absolutely adore Christmas, so we always begin putting up our Christmas decor on the first week of November. Armed with imagination, current developments and revolutionary pc applied sciences ZD simulation, they put together an ideal 3D textured wall panels product that’s completely totally different from the same old flat ornamental panels. I’ve also included many tutorials for (largely heart-formed!) crafts and decorations so you possibly can add a lovey-dovey atmosphere for a dinner date, an engagement party or for Valentine’s day. Simply line the bottom of of your decorative container with a layer of pebbles.

Go with the bold, colorful accents, resembling, colorful ottomans, decorative pillows, and lamps. In our gallery you’ll find nice concepts that can encourage you to go for the pop false ceiling designs for bedroom and the living room, one of these POP ceiling designs will make the atmosphere at house extra fashionable and stylish and give it a personal contact. In Feng shui, the decorating tips detail if you’ll be able to bring in the five elements, you will create a happier extra snug and alluring space.

Sharkye11- You are welcome, I’m glad you liked some of these ideas… I agree concerning the scales, I had by no means even thought of revamping a set of scales however they look great! The 3D decorative wall panels are notably spectacular particularly in spacious rooms with a restricted amount of 3D wall art panels create a novel feeling of the illusion of living partitions. I have to say that these Cool White Decor Starry Fairy Lights are a number of enjoyable.

Having owned a Victorian home, and dwelling in a modernised Victorian cottage presently, I find out about all the adorning decisions that need to be made (are you able to say ‘money pit’?). I made certain the mirrors hung over wood by about 1/4 of the inch on all sides and just lined them up by eye balling them and glued them down utilizing E-6000. I will refer back to this one time and again since there are so many intelligent ideas I actually have by no means seen earlier than. Is a favorite for buying high quality, formerly expensive, gently used or by no means used ornamental objects.

Laptopfinger- Thank you for dropping by.. I’m unsure about having to get a whole new shelf however I do assume paper covers add a bit of a decorative contact to the shelf. With a small space, one can assume grand as a result of these small areas have great interior design and adorning potentials and will be made to grow to be the highlighted area of an inside area. Today, this type can be retained its reputation on account of the truth that the curtains classic design can fit nearly any decor. Planning ahead will add longevity to your funding in your exterior decorations.…

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Modern Green Baby Nursery Bedding And Decor

Apothecary jars, these charming old-fashioned glass jars as soon as utilized in pharmacies and drustores to retailer medicines in, are beautiful and decorative and really helpful to display or retailer a wide array of household items. Texture is the key when you wish to get that additional come out of any room with a mainly white decor. Mirrors in a basement where lighting is commonly restricted supply a easy antidote to an otherwise lifeless room. I’ve purchased decorative plates there, practical kitchen towels, and the cutest cat cookie jar you have got ever seen!

I spent lower than $10 on supplies and made three distressed, beachy bottles for my kitchen cupboards, however you can personalize your bottles with any colors of paint and decorations to match your decor. I hope you discover some ideas which might be excellent for you and have loads of fun decorating your new room. This is a pleasant wreath constituted of paper that I discovered at Fiskars mission gallery I love that it kind of appears to be like fluffy and likewise that the ends of the paper is punched with a decorative punch.

However, in case you use numerous natural wood and stone, like granite, in your toilet and kitchen, you possibly can create a charming look simply by including a number of enjoyable signs and other decorations on the partitions. Now you’ve acquired me within the temper for Christmas decorating again… maybe I will actually be early this year! They have traditional top quality ornamental gadgets—pillows, clocks, knick knacks. Consider including some tulle to your church decorations The results will probably be stunning.

There are just too many cool ornamental papers on the earth and I do not scrapbook, so I even have to make use of them one way or the other. If you preferred this web page, you should definitely try my blog at Bedroom Decor Ideas and Design for all of the finest themed bed room decor ideas on the net. Here’s the thing – yearly I get rid of more holiday decor (don’t cry for me, there’s a ton to begin with) as a result of I just don’t wait to retailer all of it anymore. Decorating your school dorm room or your teenager’s bed room with a simple but bold music assertion. This is one decorating selection that my kids and I share (they suppose I am hopelessly old fashioned otherwise).…

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Peacock Wall Decor

An ethnic bed room inside design offers a superb variety of potentials relating to the whole lot from furnishings and furnishings choice, to lighting and color schemes. So many great ideas there, I actually plan on one thing much like the butterfly reduce out image as some christmas items however utilizing a heart punch. In 2013, Avant Decor received the Bride’s Choice Award from Wedding Wire, which represents the top 5% of marriage ceremony professionals nationwide. Once you have got your main adorning cloth, select two or more fabrics, each having a number of of the colors in your inspiration cloth.

Flowers are by far the perfect merchandise to use for adorning wedding occasion tables as there are such a lot of varieties and add such a romantic feel to the event that people not often decorate wedding tables with out flowers. I discovered farmhouse and industrial very stunning so I thought that is what I belonged adorning my house in. With time I realized I was not proud of our residence, I was not at peace, I did not really feel like it was MY HOME. To create this wall piece, first I lined the within of every field with some coordinating ornamental paper.

It can add to the decor of a patio or within the laundry room – they’re so enjoyable – and straightforward, straightforward, simple; nothing just like the drudgery of wallpaper. Decorating chairs at your reception provides a really romantic and stylish contact to your occasion. Yes, I’m in love with these step stools… the possibilities are just thoughts boggling with all the totally different appears of ornamental paper available.

Small fish bowls provide a singular way to personalize your marriage ceremony rehearsal dinner or wedding desk ornament You can use ornamental fish bowl as central to hold decorations and accessories, equivalent to recent flowers, rose petals or other flower decorations. The old and new come together in an epic style, permitting for a variety of adorning choices. I love these metal hen decorations they usually fit perfectly inside this bigger jewellery board that is roughly 5 inches by 7 inches. Choose from a variety of mounting and framing options to fit your interior decor and your pocketbook.…

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Weekly Topic Inspiration

My pal Just a Girl is our host and in case you’re visiting from Decor Chick’s Christmas kitchen, welcome! Blue and white home decor is soothing and serene and in addition the simplest color mixture to embellish with as a result of most shades of blue look good with different shades of blue and because blue and white have been a favorite for centuries in nearly each tradition all over the world. Whether you are going for traditional or chic, make it happen with house accents and decor from Big Lots. Reproduction Historic Fabrics from traditional toiles to florals and stripes convey the flavour of France to house decor with an emphasis on bleu, Mais bien sur!

Welcome to Decor Envy, a digital diary of my house tasks and updates + the envious designs and spaces that inspire me. Thanks for taking a peek! Indian ground decorations are created on essential occasions and festivals together with Diwali. The Victorians beloved material and draperies embellished pianos, mantels and tables for purely decorative reasons however in addition they used draperies for very practical issues. Hopefully you feel impressed to make use of some pretty paper for decorating round your home.

Having a number of additional pillows around is a simple option to create comfy makeshift seating for giant groups of individuals. A beauty of these decorations is they don’t seem to be simply appropriate for Christmas, but for all of winter. If you are helpful with a paintbrush and some glue, it can save you a severe amount of cash in adorning your bedroom by creating Nightmare Before Christmas props and accessories yourself. If you’ve ornaments or decorations that you love, regardless of the subject matter, use them as accents around a room.

Though kids are so keen to put up Christmas decorations firstly of September (because they start listening to Christmas carols in every single place), we usually do it through the first weekend of December and take them down after the Three Kings (January 6). One of the easiest ways to reuse your holiday decorations is to mix metallics (something gold or silver) with neutral or natural parts. There are such simple parts to a ragdoll party that it isn’t onerous to make your individual decorations or enhance your cake.…

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Home Decor

Upon profitable signup to our e-newsletter, a $10 coupon code shall be emailed to your email deal with. Our cushion & throws , house fragrances, mirrors, lighting and rugs mix seamlessly with any adorning scheme and supply a fast decorating repair. If you want to go for a more vamp type, blood red bedding like this one is the way in which to go. It comes with a comforter, a mattress skirt, two pillow shams, and three ornamental pillows, plus you may as well get it in black in case you like the style however want another shade. Don’t overlook the bare winter branches, py willows and large frond of tropical foliage are all great adorning items, and they’re very accessible!

A few weeks in the past, the Accent Decor inventive crew locked themselves away for 4 days straight to talk design trends and talk about showroom show ideas that have been brewing of their minds. I usually start decorating my condo at the finish of November however put up my little tree around the 2nd week of December. So Today i write this post to point out you many of nice and creative concepts to brighten the ceiling in your inside, I even have collected this ceiling design ideas from world designers sites, i wish you get it suitable on your interior decor.

However, there are such a lot of other decorating items from which to decide on, while considering the use of sea shells as home décor concepts. Thanks for sharing your expertise in decorating your house in an energy efficient fashion. I’m restoring a Greek Revival plantation home in Georgia and I always get fantastic ideas out of your lenses.

Sports as a complete: Some people are just a fan of sports activities in particular, or a specific league such as the NBA or NFL; on this case, you’ll be able to just go all out in decorating the room in sports! This adorable flip flops bath mat is only the start of a delightful flip flop bathroom decor. Interior lighting design concepts are crucial factors within the interior design.

The sky is the limit when it comes to accessory ideas, so I’ll simply give a couple of of my private favourite ideas. You can go to thrift stores, storage gross sales, or discount shops to seek out the old and produce it back to life by utilizing these ideas to create the Tuscan type adorning look in your home, inexpensively. If you take pleasure in looking dwelling and decorating magazines, chances are you have seen some painted pumpkins on the colourful pages. I love the esthetic fantastic thing about the clean white seashells and the decorative essence they bring to a coastal Christmas room.…

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