Dirty Decks and Patios Provide a Health Hazard to Families

Planning for an upcoming event or future house guests is motivation to get your home in order. As clean as you keep the interior of your house, the exterior is usually another story. You have a life. The kids have school and extracurricular activities. You have a job, the laundry doesn’t wash, dry, or fold itself, and all the people in your home have to eat dinner on a regular basis, and none of that leaves much time for exterior housecleaning. Fortunately, your patio, deck, and pool surface do get a good cleaning before every major event you host at home. The Renew Crew of Northwest Arkansas recommends keeping your patios and decks cleaner more often, however. It turns out, there are some serious downfalls to leaving the mess that accrues until the next time you host an event.

It’s Unsightly

The biggest reason to keep your patio and deck clean all the time is the aesthetic appeal it lends to you home. No one wants to sit on the deck with their coffee in the morning staring at mildew and stains. It’s not pretty, and it’s enough to you in a foul mood thinking of yet another thing to add to your to-do list before the year is over. Keep it clean, and this type of problem becomes a non-problem.

Potential Buyers Won’t be Impressed

If your home is on the market, buyers aren’t going to see anything they like if the deck or patio is a mess. The biggest issue here is it detracts from the curb appeal of your home. Simple upkeep like this should be higher on your list of priorities, and it might make a buyer assume your inability to handle the little things might lead to an inability to care for the more major issues at home.

It’s Dangerous

Perhaps the biggest issue is the danger of what might happen if your patio or deck is covered in mildew or mold. With each rain, it becomes thicker and slicker, and it can pose a health hazard to anyone who accidentally steps on it. If someone slips and falls on your moldy or mildew-covered patio, it could end up being a lawsuit for you. Keeping these surfaces clean is the best case scenario for everyone involved.

Clean decks and patios are more visually appealing than dirty ones, and that’s what makes hiring a professional cleaning company a wise investment. Your home’s visual appeal and safety are both affected by your clean surfaces. Keep your family and friends safe when they’re on the patio and deck, and make it a priority to keep your surfaces clean more often.