Heat Retention and Insulation

The need to generate large amounts of heat give insulation qualities of barrier materials significance. These products need to work well under all conditions. Insulating ceramic firebrick (IFB) is the right product for enclosed areas that require high temperatures to work properly. Generating heat for buildings, baking products at high temperatures and enjoying a fireplace on a cold evening can all benefit from the insulating qualities of IFB.

Firebox and Furnace Insulation

Creating heat that can be vented to areas during cold weather benefits from the application of insulating firebrick by keeping the heat right where it needs to stay. This heat can then be properly distributed to areas of the building that need to have the temperature stabilized. It is a safe, affordable and simple solution.

Oven and Kiln Insulation

Baking products as a manufacturing process requires the use of kilns and ovens. This equipment can reach temperatures that exceed 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be very dangerous if most of the heat is not contained within the oven or kiln. IFB provides the insulating barrier needed to operate the equipment safely.

Fireplace Insulation

The standard brick of a fireplace does not offer the insulating qualities needed to protect a home or business from the dangers of combustion from excessive heat. insulation capable firebrick is the answer that will make it possible to enjoy those cold nights in comfort. This is the perfect solution for new construction or already existing fireplaces.

True Firebrick Protection

These ceramic firebrick products can be custom adjusted to meet porosity requirements. The amounts of impurities, such as iron are minimal. They are quick to heat up and cool so that business can flow naturally. This IFB product is both lightweight and energy efficient. You will notice a difference when compared to other products of this type. The strength is never decreased due to elevated temperature exposure. You will get a strong and consistent insulation that keeps the heat right where it belongs.

Contact a residential, commercial and industrial insulation products expert like the ones at ceramicfiber.com to find out how affordable insulating ceramic firebrick can be.