Increase Your Home’s Value With a Finished Basement

If your home has a basement, it can be a great way to add more livable space and value to your property. If your house has an unfinished basement, then that means you have a space that you already own and pay taxes for. That said, you may as well do something useful with it.

Space below ground has less value than your ground-level space. However, if it takes less than ten percent of your home’s value to finish the basement, then it will be well worth it if you choose to later sell.

One other good way to make sure you get a great return on your investment is to make your finished basement into a basement that most potential home buyers would enjoy using. For instance, you could turn it into an extra bedroom, or a multi-purpose family room. Avoid dividing the space up too much, as open floor plans are very much in demand these days.

On the other hand, if you plan to stay in your home for a long time, then you might not be too concerned about getting a return on your investment. After all, most people buy a house with the intent to stay for the long term, if not the rest of their lives. In that case, you can make your finished basement into anything you want it to be. For example, you can create that home gym you’ve always wanted, a guest room, or that “man cave” that serves as the perfect hangout when the guys come over to watch the game. By doing so, you can make your home more valuable while adding a great space that you and your family can enjoy for a long time to come.

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