Last Minute Tips to Prep Patios for Winter

The long days of summer are over, and it is time to prepare your patio for the cooler winter months ahead. You want all of it to be in tip-top condition when spring rolls around, so it is important to maintain and store all of your furniture and accessories effectively and efficiently. Here are some suggestions from Wicker Paradise on prepping your furniture for winter:


Clean Furniture Thoroughly

Be sure to clean all of your patio furniture thoroughly before storing, covering, or reusing it. The dirt and grime will be much easier to remove now than it will be when winter is over. Be sure all of the metal and cloth pieces are thoroughly dry before storing to prevent rust and mildew from forming.

Move Furniture Indoors

Amazingly enough, some outdoor furniture can look amazing when moved inside. Indoor wicker furniture such as chairs and settees are perfect in a small reading nook. A small round patio table can be topped with covered with a floor-length cloth and topped with perfectly fitted round glass for an elegant side table or add chairs for extra seating for a family event or party.

Dispose of Unwanted Items

Fall is the time to get rid of all of your old cushions, broken plant pots, and outdated furniture. Donate what is still usable to charity and dispose of the remainder. Look ahead to spring and the new cushions you will need to brighten up this outdoor area. Wicker replacement cushions come in a a variety of textures, colors, and patterns. It would be prudent to go ahead and order what you need so you will be well prepared when the weather gets warmer. Especially if you come across a Lloyd Flanders replacement cushions sale.

As you can see, prepping your patio for winter does not have to be an overwhelming chore. Break it down into manageable pieces, and before you know it, the job will be complete. You will feel so accomplished as you have already started your prep work for the spring by ordering your cushions early.