Tips to Help You Convert Your Nursery into a Big Kid’s Room

condos-le-peterson-montreal-1024x421Montreal condos usually have  smaller spaces compared to homes in the suburbs. So when your child grows up, you’ll need to renovate your child’s nursery room into a room that’s more suited to his/her age. Here’s a guide to help you with this project.

  1. Talk to your child

Your child is the one who is going to live in the room, so make sure that you talk to him and take note of what he/she wants. The main goal here is for your child to like the new room design, and make them feel that the room is indeed their personal sanctuary.

  1. Think of the future

After finding out what your child wants, think of a neutral ground between what he wants now and what he will possibly want in the future, once he is all grown up. Settle with the design and overall theme that will be easy to transition once they’re grown up. For example, if your child wants a cartoon character theme, it’s probably the best to paint the walls a neutral color that matches the theme of that cartoon character, instead of plastering the character all over the walls, so it’s easy to change in the future once your child changes their mind.

  1. Adhesive decals

Better yet, choose adhesive decals when decorating your child’s walls. These adhere to the walls without damaging the existing paint or  wallpaper, and will not leave behind any residue once it’s time to take them off. You child can also participate in choosing the designs of decals you are going to put on the walls.

  1. New furniture

Simply upgrade your child’s furniture into something more grownup and appropriate for his age. Get him a dresser or maybe some bookshelves.

  1. Leave some space for playing

When decorating and filling your child’s room, you may forget that it’s a child’s bedroom after all, and there should be enough space left for him to play. When there is too much stuff in the room, your child might not be able to appreciate it as much since there is no more room for playing.

  1. It doesn’t have to match the design of the rest of your home.

If you are very hands on with your home’s interior design, you may find it a bit difficult to let go of the idea when decorating your child’s room. You may be horrified at the thought of having to paint the room orange or blue, when you have been maintaining the white, minimalist design of your home. It’s important to realize that your child is growing up, and as he grows older, he is going to make his own decisions that will at times deviate from yours.

It’s really not that hard decorating a “big kid” room. This is especially true when you remember the tips we’ve listed here.